Presenting an unbiased review of the best free as well as paid options in keyword research tools available in the market for SEO Keyword research in 2019.

Do you have plans of launching a website or do you already own one? In this case, you may be already aware of SEO keyword research and why it is important. You must also have an answer to the question ‘what is a keyword research tool?’.

However, are you aware of a list of the best choices in keyword research tools, both free and paid? If not, you have just landed at the right place.

Best free keyword research tool options

Google Trends

The google keyword research tool is free to use and has a number of features to explore. It instantly shows you a graph of the public interest on the topic or keyword that you key in.


The first page welcomes you with sneak-peek into the most popular searches on the internet and other sections. If you enter your keyword or topic you would be able to view the details like ‘Interest Over Time’, ‘Interest by Sub-region’ and more. For example, when you enter the search term ‘health’ here is the page you get.

google trends search

You would be able to know what is trending for that keyword. This is useful if you are totally blank about what topic to choose for your blogs or website. You can also look for the local trends.

Finding the popularity of the word by location is something that helps your website to target precisely with keywords to rank locally. Let’s get back to our ‘health’ search here. If you own a website/blog focused on health you can hunt for relevant topics from around the world as well as in your region. You can then monetize by working on this trend. If you need insights on the volume you can combine the results of Google Trends with those from Google Keyword Planner.

Google Correlate

This tool could be labelled as one of the most underrated content marketing and keyword research tools.

Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends

Google Correlate

You can find search terms displaying similar trends as the ones you enter. You can find historical charts to compare and analyse the trends. Here is what you get if you type the keyword ‘health’ in the search correlations section on the page.

Google Correlate Search

This is more like using Google Trends but in reverse. Data from January 2003 up till the current date results could be collected. You can also export the results as a CSV file.

With Google Trends you would be able to plan when to talk to your target audience. Google Correlate would let you know exactly what the target audience was searching for. Therefore you would know how to create content that resonates with your audience. You can use inspiration from the topics with the highest correlation. The state-wise data and monthly search trends also come handy.

Answer the Public

Go beyond researching a keyword and figure out rave topics with the help of this tool.

Answer the Public

Once you enter your keyword you get questions, prepositions and comparisons that revolves around it. You get questions formed with ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and more. You get prepositions with ‘can’, ‘near’, ‘without’ and more. Comparisons are presented with ‘and’, ‘like’, ‘versus’ and others. Here is what you get for our ‘health’ search for this tool.

Answer the Public Search
Answer the Public Search

The free version works pretty well. If you like to level up in the SEO game then you also have a Pro version to check out. With this tool, you can pick ideas for posts on your social media channels, or even understand what the consumers might actually be searching for in the topic.


Formerly known by the name OnPage Ryte, it comes with both free and paid plans for marketing and keyword research. This SEO keyword research tool comes with plenty of handy features like the competitor comparison, so, you would be able to compare your content with that of your competitors.


You can perform up to 10 content analysis per month. If you are a startup that is struggling to rank its website, this is the best keyword research tool out there which is free.

It also allows you a multitude of other features like meta-title and description analysis, single page analysis, duplicate content analysis and more. Besides the free version, there is a basic suite available. This is suitable for those with a small budget. It costs around a hundred dollars per month.

Ryte also offers customized business suites for different sized businesses. There is also a sophisticated website quality management solution which also comes with JavaScript crawling and other features.

Keyword Tool

You would be able to find thousands of relevant keywords related to the one you choose. This is a competitive keyword analysis tool that comes with a free version and a paid pro version as well.


Besides keyword suggestions, you can also access keyword questions and prepositions. Here is what you get on keying in the keyword ‘health’ in the free version of the tool.

Keyword Tool Search

As you can see, you can analyze competitors and access information about the search volumes with this tool. You would be able to get a long list of long tail keywords for the required topic with this tool and directly view the results on screen or export them as a spreadsheet.

Keyword Tool Pro is also available as separate versions for Amazon, Bing, Instagram, eBay, and YouTube to target those engines in a precise way. This tool can thus be used to gain a competitive edge while you create your content.

Word Tracker

This is one of the oldest keyword research tools that came into existence way back in 1998 when search engines were new. Mike and Andy Mindel created a tool that could generate reports to depict the pattern of searches on the internet. From there on the tool has grown and evolved as the concept of the search itself has taken new dimensions.

Word Tracker

These changes have also been seen on the user interface offered by the tool. It wears an appearance that appeals to the current generation giving users exactly what they want. For several startups that are trying to strengthen their visibility, this tool has been very helpful. Here is the page displayed on searching for the keyword ‘health’ on this tool.

Word Tracker Search

It also comes with filtering options like PPC competition, competition, volume, IAAT, CPC, and the option to view only questions. There are many such neat features in the free version. It also comes with a trial period of 7 days for the paid version.

Best paid keyword research tool options

SEM Rush

The SEM Rush keyword magic tool is one of the most popular choices to perform keyword research. The tool allows you to access keyword data like volume, keyword difficulty score and more.

SEM Rush

This helps find the best keywords to use in the H1 tag, in your meta description and in the content. You would be able to find your competitor sites ranking for your target keywords and understand what makes their keyword distribution pattern better than that of your website. You can optimize your images for the chosen keywords and also use this tool for PPC.

There are many marketers who find this tool to be indispensable when they face stiff competition in many tough niches. Besides the keyword magic tool, there is a site audit, and position tracking mobile app offered with your account.


Ahrefs, simply put, is that best tool you can ever get for yourself to help you in your search engine marketing efforts. From performing overall research on the niche to which your website belongs to studying your competitor site there is so much that Ahrefs allows you to do.


With an index size of 16 trillion familiar links, the tool crawls over 5 billion web pages per day. You can enjoy a 7-day free trial to explore the various features offered by this tool.

While Ahrefs can do so many things, keyword research, rank tracking, and link analysis are the most popular capabilities that people choose this tool for. In terms of the keyword research, you would be able to find SERP reports and keyword difficulty besides traffic and other information. This is how you would be able to narrow down the most competitive search terms for various search engines.

LongTail Pro

If you combine the power of LongTail Pro with Google webmaster tools you get a robust and dependable keyword research solution. Once you have understood your current organic traffic this tool can help you multiply the traffic in a short while by working on your keywords.

LongTail Pro

The tool is available in the form of 3 plans with different features- Starter, Pro and Agency. These can be chosen as monthly plans as well as annual plans. The differences are in the number of keyword lookups, KC calculations, SERP lookups and other such facilities allowed per day.

You can create an account and begin a 7 day trial period to know more about the tool. Each of these plans comes with a course on keyword research. The number of simultaneous logins allowed per account differs based on the plan chosen. This tool offers a variety of rank tracking features for tracking the domains and keywords.

KW Finder

For long tail keyword ideas, this is one of the best tools out there. Despite being relatively new in the market this one has already impressed digital marketers around the world.

KW Finder

If you are looking for just a few keyword searches each day then the free version of this tool can be useful. This is the page you get when you search for the keyword ‘health’ from the home page of the tool.

KW Finder Search

You can filter the search based on the language and the region. Besides suggestions for the required keyword, you would also find autocomplete phrases and the questions. The page also displays the search engine result page websites. It gives you an idea about the primary competitors to know about.

The tool offers 3 plans – Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium, and Mangools Agency. The features provided by the tool include keyword research, website analytics, SERP analysis, rank tracking, and backlink analysis. The number of trials allowed per day depends on the plan you choose. The filtering options on the results page allows you to find the information or the stats that you are looking for.  


Moz is a complete package of tools that can do keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, site audits, on-page optimization and a variety of other tailored reports for SEO.


Explorer is the keyword research tool in Moz. You can use the keywords explore feature to study based on the volume, create lists, find keyword questions, understand keyword difficulty, and also use the competitive analysis option.

Moz Keyword Explorer

This is the Keyword Explorer page where you can directly enter your website’s URL or type the keyword you wish to study. On the report page, you are allowed to export the results to perform a detailed analysis. You can also use predictive keyword metrics to sort the results displayed.

Moz Pro plans allow a 30 day trial period to use the tool and study its features. Some of the notable features you get with Moz Pro plans besides keyword research are mobile rankings, keyword rankings, campaigns and more. The tool allows you to schedule the report generation in advance. Therefore your site research and analysis would be done in the background and sent to you automatically.

You can also use predictive keyword metrics to sort the results displayed. Moz Pro plans allow a 30 day trial period to use the tool and study its features. Some of the notable features you get with Moz Pro plans besides keyword research are mobile rankings, keyword rankings, campaigns and more. The tool allows you to schedule the report generation in advance. Therefore your site research and analysis would be done in the background and sent to you automatically.

Each of these tools comes with its own perks. The size of your website and the type of SEO strategies you have in place would help you decide which one would suit your business. It is always a good idea to try the free version offered by all these tools before you choose a long term plan.